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I have a non-vented gas fireplace. Does it still use more gas than the furnace?

No, it looks like a good value.

Wow; I was reading some other blogs about this issue. There are some mixed reviews about these stoves. But I did not see anything about the usage. Most of the web sites say they are 99% efficient which would be better then your older Furnace might be 75 to 90 % depending on how old it is and what brand it is.

So to answer your question Your log fireplace may be a better value however, I was reading that they need constant cleaning and checking of the air vents. You will have to invest is a good carbon monoxide detector. One blogger said they were never intended to be run 24 hours a day or mass heating. But if you like it then is sounds like a good value.

One blog said, the main reason these were invented was for aesthetics and one room extra heating. They were never intended to save money in heating. One repair guy said he is so happy that these fireplaces are on the market because he is getting so many calls for cleaning and trouble shooting when the fireplace starts to smell funky and start turning black and sooty after a while.

Some people said these are very safe to use but you have to be aware of the dangers. They look so good and they are reasonably priced for around $400 to $600.

Some people said that these were the most dangerous thing that has ever been allowed to be sold and can not believe that the fire marshals have not banned them yet.

Other people were saying they feel wet using them.

But back to your question there was no reason that 99% efficiency could be bad. Sounds good to me and dollar for dollar it sounds cheaper to run then your furnace.

I hope that I was able to help you although not much I am sure.

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